our customers love us!

At Sococo, our clients are not only our customers, they are part of our community. We work closely with them to ensure that their teams are set up for success in their online workplace.  Sococo's team takes great pride in serving these companies and helping them grow into strong, high performing distributed teams. Here are just a few stories from some of our customers that we think will give you a picture of what it's like to have your company thrive in a Sococo workplace.


"Staying connected and engaged strengthens our community, which is key to our success as a business. Since we adopted Sococo my interactions with people have dramatically increased and remote location no longer impedes my access to others." 

Charlie Rudd, CEO, SolutionsIQ


“ We live and breathe agility at AgileCraft and Sococo is the oxygen that helps us seamlessly and spontaneously collaborate around the world.”

Steve Elliot, Founder and CEO, AgileCraft


“Our team’s productivity has gone up since we starting using Sococo. For a Help Service Desk team, increased productivity translates directly to a higher customer satisfaction.” 

Lori St Pierre, Employee Care Manager, Intuit

jet blue

“ We love the ability to have a meeting whenever, because you’re not as stuck to people being in the office to have a meeting. We’ll sometimes even have a meeting when people are on the airplane. The connection is so good that we can actually connect in from Wi-Fi on a plane. And that then becomes that person’s remote office for that day.”

Péricles Maranhão Neto, Senior Analyst Safety Data, JetBlue

core geomatics

“When we founded Core Geomatics in 2009,” “our goal was to create a different kind of business model that was more efficient and flexible than our competitors. Not only did we go completely paperless in an industry that is very paper intensive, we decided not to have any brick and mortar offices to reduce our operating expenses.”

Jeremy Park, Vice President of Operations, Core Geomatics


ultimate software

"With Sococo, our team has a single place available online where we have all of our key systems on the screens for everyone to see."

Steven May, Director of Cloud Technology at Ultimate Software.

sonic healthcare

“Before Sococo, I had a ‘nag list.’ Tracking people down to keep up with all our various projects was really hard, so I had to make a real effort to keep everyone connected. With Sococo, I can see when meetings are taking place, when people are talking or sharing screens. It lets me know if people are online. Sococo makes it easy for me to see instantly who I need to contact.”

Greg Thurman, Director of Clinical Information Systems, Sonic Health Care USA


“ Sococo is about being part of a team and achieving something together, every day. It’s the place you live in your company. We live in Sococo. We deliver in Sococo. We operate as a fighting unit in Sococo. And we are 100% remote.”

Mark Derbecker, VP Software, Seeq Corporation


“It’s been a great experience watching this team grow. Operating as we do, it gives credence to what we’re doing as a company. We are walking the walk that we promote to our customers – proof that remote work life can not only function, but be really, really successful.”

Carol Cochran, Director of Human Resources, FlexJobs