Cutting-Edge Wearables: Google Glass is So Last Season

If you were one of the millions of Google Glass fans excitedly heralding the arrival of the age of wearable tech, then you’re gonna love the latest batch of wearables about to hit the market. We here at Sococo spend so much time in our own virtual world that wearables seem like a natural complement to the headsets we’re already wearing much of the day. So we were pretty pumped to hear about the upgraded smartwatches, new takes on glasses, and even smart jewelry being developed now!

Gear Review: Wide Angle Webcams

Hello, everyone, Jacob here again! A few months ago I reviewed three comparable speakerphone units (pucks) for use within Sococo’s virtual office. Today, I am going to be comparing three different webcams: -Genius WideCam F100 ($38.99)

Exciting Tech At CES 2015

Oh, to be in Las Vegas this week! No, we’re not inveterate gamblers here at Sococo – well, not all of us, at any rate. But this week, that’s not the reason to go to Sin City. Nope, instead, it’s all that tech gear at CES 2015. Oh, that beautiful, beautiful tech.

Gear Review: Puck Speakers That Resonate

Hello, my name is Jacob and I work in the IT department here at Sococo. Audio equipment is very important in the everyday life of our users so today, I will be comparing three of the most popular portable speakerphone units. These devices are very useful when there are multiple people in the same room, talking with others in Sococo. In terms of feature set, the pucks in our category have a fairly level playing field.  Here’s where they fall in line:

    Gear Review: Headsets We Love

    Being the online communication aficionados that we are here at Sococo, it’s not surprising that we’re just a teensy-tiny bit obsessed with choosing the right gear to complement the use of our virtual office. From webcams to headsets, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest, the best deals and the coolest new tech.