What is Sococo?

Sococo is an online office that allows agile teams to work together in a single place, bringing together people from any location. In addition to delivering all standard comms functions, it also provides a true place for online co-location via the awareness generated by a combination of a visual map layout and an avatar that radiates activity, status and availability. 

How is it different from Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.?

Distributed teams can now work in ways far beyond the functionality of the old physical office. Communication tools such as Slack, Hipchat, and Skype have provided real advancements in audio, video, screen share and chat tools that are designed to allow people to communicate. With Sococo, you can build upon communication tools with the full awareness and context that your team would have in a physical office.  This facilitates natural human social interactions, not simply communication.

What are the benefits I can expect from Sococo?
Collaboration Made Easy
Distributed Agile teams can engage with each other and organize around work as efficiently as they could if they were sitting in the same physical office. They can self-organize on the fly, and collaborate seamlessly without friction.  Daily stand-ups, break-outs can happen naturally.  Reduce the need for unnecessary meetings, burdensome project tools, over-communication and excessive reporting.

Talent Amplified
Individuals and teams seamlessly work together bringing out their best performance.  Access to expertise, coaches, and mentors is instantly available to everyone. Expand your talent pool and hire the best people anywhere.

Accelerated Results
Deliver on the promise of agile - higher quality product, delighted customers, faster.  Gain the competency of serendipity - the hallway chat moment where a great idea is born, or the water cooler “aha!” conversation. Coworkers interact based on a richly informed perspective of their activities and availability, resulting in accelerated innovation, creativity and delivery. 

Is there a Sococo Mobile application?

Yes! Users of the current version of Sococo (known as “Sococo RS”) have access to both Android and iOS mobile clients. These are available in Apple’s App Store and Google play. While these apps do run on tablet devices, performance is highly optimized for use on phones. Learn more in this knowledge base article

Which internet browsers are supported?

The Sococo browser client requires the Chrome browser. For non-Chrome users, downloadable desktop clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available on our website.

Does it work globally?

Yes, we have customers on most continents. Sococo works anywhere a broadband internet connection with at least 15 MB downlink and 1 MB uplink is available. We also have resellers in Japan and Russia.



Who is it for?

Agile companies of all sizes, from Enterprise to startup, love to use Sococo as their online workplace. It is the best product for companies that want to truly forge and cultivate the Agile mindset that can only be facilitated by human connection. See more about what our customers have to say here

How can I learn more about Sococo?

You can learn more by following us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How can I get in touch with someone at Sococo?

You can reach us at info@sococo.com. If you're feeling old fashioned, give us a ring at 650-265-7013. If we miss your call, we promise to call you back as soon as possible.

Can I see a Sococo demo?

Yes! We have two quick videos for you: a general overview for all teams, and a great use case for Agile teams. If you'd like a live tour, you can sign up here



How do I choose a map for my space?

Maps can be changed by space Administrators or Moderators using the Edit Space menu. We have a catalogue of map layouts to choose from.

Can I have a custom map made for my space?

There are currently no automated ways to create custom maps, and we are working hard to continually expand our maps catalog. We welcome your ideas! Please reach out to info@sococo.com for more information. 



What is the 30 Day Free Trial?

Our 30-day trial allows your team to try out our service at no charge.  At the end of the 30-day trial, you will have the option to subscribe (currently $15/user/month) or discontinue use.

How does the free trial work?

The free trial gives you access to our full feature set and lasts for 30 days, which should be ample time to move everyone in and experience how Sococo facilitates collaboration and connections to teammates, human to human.

Can I extend the trial period?

Things happen, we know. We are more than happy to work with our customers to meet their needs. If you feel you need more time during your trial, please email sales@sococo.com and we will work with you to create a plan that allows you to get comfortable in Sococo.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

At the end of the free trial, you can elect to continue use by signing up for the service at the current subscription fee of $15/user/month, or discontinue use. There is also an annual subscription available at a discounted rate. You can learn more about Sococo pricing here.


Where can I find documents to help me through the trial?

Our online Knowledge Center is accessible to you at all times. It is a terrific source of information on how to use the product, help with frequently asked questions and helpful tips for success.

What level of support can I expect to receive during the trial?

You can interact live with members of our Support team, Monday through Friday 8:00am–8:00pm ET (GMT −5:00) via live chat. They can answer your questions and provide tips and tricks. Also, they’re super nice folks who would be happy to chat with you about any Sococo ideas you have!



How much does Sococo cost?

Our subscription fee is $15/user/month. Please see our pricing page for details. 


What types of payment plans do you offer?

We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions. Annual subscribers receive a discounted rate for a year of service, paid upon the start of service. Monthly subscribers are billed at the beginning of each month of service and are typically not discounted.

Can my company pay with Purchase Orders and invoicing?

Yes, we accept purchase orders with glee, and are delighted to invoice your company.

Where can I get a receipt?

Customers may request to receive monthly receipts via email by contacting billing@sococo.com.

Can I change from monthly to annual billing?

Yes! That’s a great idea.  Your annual billing will begin at the end of your current subscription month.  Email billing@sococo.com to change your plan.

How can I change my subscription plan or billing information?

To change your subscription plan or billing method, please drop into our Sococo Support Center or email us at billing@sococo.com

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment forms include credit card, check or ACH.

Can I get a refund?

Neither monthly nor annual subscriptions are eligible for refund if cancelled part way through the agreed upon service period. If you feel that your service agreement was not fulfilled, please contact billing@sococo.com and we would be happy to go through your contract with you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription please email billing@sococo.com.



What are your privacy and security safeguards?

All data in Sococo is SSL encrypted.

Is your service available as a cloud service and/or on premise?

Our service is cloud-based. Single tenant private cloud-based instances are also available for additional fees. Reach out to sales@sococo.com for more details. 

Do you have a privacy and security policy document?

Yes, this can be found at https://www.sococo.com/node/286.