"Our team is virtual, so we go to work in Sococo."

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Push play, to see how close your team can be.

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"Having the visual aspect of the Sococo virtual office was revolutionary."

Scott Willey, Director of Products, Aptitude

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"With Sococo we are able to access the best talent on a global scale."

Jeremy Park, Vice President of Operations, Core Geomatics

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"Once we started using Sococo we realized it had everything we needed."

Phil Bannister, CTO, G4S

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"Our team’s productivity has gone up since we starting using Sococo"

Lori St Pierre, Employee Care Manager

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"Once we started using Sococo everyday there was a noticeable and measurable improvement in our team's morale."

Melissa Gordon, Chief Operations Officer, Katana

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"Our remote colleagues feel like they are present at our main headquarters."

Stephen Franklin, CTO, LeanKit

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"Sococo gave us a feeling that everyone was close by. It really helped us create close knit teams."

Steve Trythall, Product Line Director, Mentor Graphics

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"Sococo has made it so we can work instantaneously."

Michael Connolly, Director of Engineering

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"We have exactly the type of impromptu conversations that happen in a physical office."

Steve Sliwa, CEO, Seeq

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"Our productivity and the quality of the services we deliver to customers has improved as a result of using Sococo."

Matt Fox, CEO, Sparta

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"You can get a rich, real time experience, just like you were physically together, but without the travel."

Mike Taylor, Architect of Collaboration and Integration Solutions

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"Our customers are extremely impressed with how easy it is to interact with us over Sococo."

Kieran Guller, CEO, Zipboss

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Click to join co-workers in the same virtual room and start talking.


Message co-workers privately or group chat with everyone.


Bring guests or customers to any meeting with a click - no downloads or codes needed.


Deepen ties with co-workers and see nuanced reactions side-by-side with content.


Call any phone in the world, including co-workers on the move.


Productivity on the road. True mobile collaboration with Sococo for iPhone & iPad.


No need to pass the baton. All meeting participants can independently share and view multiple screens as once.


Add apps like Google Docs, Jira, and Box to your rooms to kickstart your meetings.


Rest easy with bank level secure encryption on all communications.

Create your virtual office today.