One of the things I have really come to appreciate about Scrum and Agile, especially after choosing the remote work lifestyle, is the pattern of the ceremonies and the rhythm they set for  teams. These kinds of regular touch points with distinct purpose are important to keep any team engaged, but extra super important for distributed teams. It creates a sense of belonging, and makes the team members feel like they are part of the tribe. That’s why creating a healthy cycle of Standup, Planning, and Retrospective ceremonies need special attention on distributed teams, and Sococo is just the place to really get the team into just the right cadence.

These ceremonies are built around the principle of continuous improvement, the core of Agile values, no matter where the butts in seats are located. Paying particular attention to keeping these ceremonies at the heart of a distributed Agile team culture makes the difference between a strong, performing team, and a team that struggles to self organize, improve, and work better together. Distributed team leaders need to let Agile do its job by allowing it to be the tether that keeps everyone connected, and pulled together as loosely or as tightly as the team it needs to be.

At Sococo, having teams come together under our online roof for all of these ceremonies is seriously – like seriously – what gives us purpose. We’ve interviewed countless customers,  pondered their problems, and helped them develop solutions in their online workplaces (or as I like to think of it, our online “work-home”). Our open workspace maps are designed specifically with Agile teams in mind, and with nice big rooms to designate as team rooms, and smaller ones for breakouts.



And all of this knowledge and exploration is due to the amazing participation of our customers and partners.

To that end, I’ve put together an eBook that brings together the last several years of learning about how to best conduct each of these fundamental ceremonies so important to the online team tribal tether, and how Sococo will help you get the most of them. Read it today in the Mastery library on our website! And if you’d like to get on the early release list for publications like this, join our Distributed Agile Mastery Program (they got this a month ago – a month before you did!) .


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