What Makes a Truly Sensational Company?

How can I create the most successful company possible, while also making it the best company to work for? For many managers, it can seem difficult to integrate the two. Recent surveys show that as much as 51% of the workforce feels disengaged at work, and 17.5% even claim to feel “actively disengaged” at work. With this data in mind, many managers are left grasping at straws to satisfy a largely dissatisfied workforce.

Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - Overcoming the Challenge of Distance

In my last post, we reviewed a set of market trends and their impacts on individuals, teams, and organizations. At the confluence of these trends we find the fundamental challenge of Distance. This isn’t simply geographic distance, but distance across multiple dimensions resulting in significant consequences from a productivity, engagement, and cost perspective.

Why Telecommuting During Winter Months Saves Business Productivity

This January, winter storm Jonas topped out at 42 inches of snow in some areas, 85 mph wind in others, and at least 48 deaths. It wasn’t the only severe weather occurrence across the country this winter, and as compared to other recent winters, it wasn’t even that terribly unusual. It seems that year after year, these winter weather challenges will continue to plague individuals and communities.