a virtual office for your company

feel more connected and see what’s happening

“We have exactly the type of impromptu conversations that happen in a physical office.”Steve Sliwa, CEO, Seeq · Read how Seeq uses Sococo for meetings with customers
“Sococo has made it so we can work instantaneously.”Michael Connolly, Director of Engineering · Read how Pearson uses Sococo with 14 scrum teams
“Once we started using Sococo we realized it had everything we needed.”Phil Bannister, CTO, G4S · Read how G4S used Sococo to retain key staff
“Our team’s productivity has gone up since we starting using Sococo”Lori St Pierre, Employee Care Manager · Read how Intuit uses Sococo to help support 8000+ employees
“Our customers are extremely impressed with how easy it is to interact with us over Sococo.”Kieran Guller, CEO, Zipboss · Read how Zipboss saves tens of thousands per month
“Having the visual aspect of the Sococo virtual office was revolutionary.”Scott Willey, Director of Products, Aptitude · Read how Aptitude uses Sococo to bring people together
“Our productivity and the quality of the services we deliver to customers has improved as a result of using Sococo.”Matt Fox, CEO, Sparta · Read how Sparta uses Sococo to bring their company together
“With Sococo we are able to access the best talent on a global scale.”Jeremy Park, Vice President of Operations, Core Geomatics · Read how Core Geomatics taps top talent with Sococo
“Once we started using Sococo everyday there was a noticeable and measurable improvement in our team's morale.”Melissa Gordon, Chief Operations Officer, Katana · Read how Katana uses Sococo to deliver unmatched service
“You can get a rich, real time experience, just like you were physically together, but without the travel.”Mike Taylor, Architect of Collaboration and Integration Solutions · Read how Ultimate Software uses Sococo to manage incidents
“Sococo gave us a feeling that everyone was close by. It really helped us create close knit teams.”Steve Trythall, Product Line Director, Mentor Graphics · Read how Mentor Graphics uses Sococo to keep teams together
“Our remote colleagues feel like they are present at our main headquarters.”Stephen Franklin, CTO, LeanKit · Read how LeanKit uses Sococo for complete visibility
  • See Work Happening

    • Complete visibility
    • The floor plan brings everyone together
    • Feel connected to your teams
  • Spontaneous Conversations

    • Pop into a room and talk
    • No dialing, pass-codes or setup
    • Perfect for ad-hoc conversations & meetings
  • Everything you need

    • Your office and your colleagues
    • All your communications built in
    • On all your platforms (Win, Mac, Mobile)

How Sococo Works

Sococo Overview (1:19)

Everything You Need

  • Voice: Click to join co-workers in the same virtual room and start talking.

  • Chat: Message co-workers privately or group chat with everyone.

  • Guest Access: Invite anyone to a room with a simple URL. No downloads or pin codes needed.

  • Video: Deepen ties with co-workers and see nuanced reactions side-by-side with content.

  • Phone Integration: Call any phone in the world, including co-workers on the move.

  • Mobility: Productivity on the road. True mobile collaboration with Sococo for iPhone & iPad.

  • Multi-screen Sharing: No need to pass the baton. All meeting participants can independently share and view multiple screens at once.

  • App Integrations: Add apps like Google Docs, Jira, and Box to your rooms to kickstart your meetings.

  • Security: All communications securely encrypted with industry standard AES technology.

A Plan for Every Company

Sococo offers a range of plans to meet the needs of individuals to entire departments.