Looking for some remote work #inspo? The work and travel community on social media is always buzzing with beautiful views, inspirational stories, and surefire tips for bringing your work and life into harmony (whatever that looks like for you). Whether you want the inside scoop on enhancing your remote work journey or destination ideas for your next workcation, the digital nomad social community is the place to be.

Here are 5 of our favorite digital nomads to follow on social media:


1. Nadav Wilf

Nadav is a digital nomad, lifestyle coach, and social impact leader who coaches CEOs and founders through his Lifestyle Perfected program. An expert on cultivating harmony between work and life, Nadav’s content will inspire you to turn your lifestyle dreams into a reality.

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2. Tim Ferriss

Author of the bestselling “The Four-Hour Work Week,” Tim Ferriss is the poster child for working on your own terms. His social media presence is filled to the brim with nuggets of wisdom—podcast episodes, interviews with moguls, tips and tricks for improving your work and life (and work life), and more.

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3. Nomadic Julien

If you like pictures of beautiful places and sneak peeks into a minimalist nomad lifestyle, look no further than Nomadic Julien. After selling most of his belongings and packing his life into a backpack, Julien is traveling the world and coding as he goes. Check out his Instagram feed—he’s currently in Thailand!

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4. Werk

Technically they’re not digital nomads, but the Werk team inspires us on the daily. They’re championing flexible work arrangements for every employee in every industry, and they’ve put together a platform that uses data to help companies develop winning flexible work policies. Plus, their social presence is filled with quotes, facts, and inspiration that will change the way you look at work.

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5. Sarah Gallo

Sarah is a digital nomad and travel consultant who’s followed her dreams across 7 continents and 104 countries. She’s seen everything from Antarctica to Switzerland to Rio, and she is passionate about helping others make full-time travel a reality, too. Follow Sarah for stunning captures of some of the world’s most beautiful places, as well as helpful tips on making your travel and remote work dreams come true.

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