There’s more to trust than just knowing your teammate’s name—building workplace trust takes time and effort, but it makes an impact.

Joanne Collins, Vice President of Relationships Management at StoneRiver, says in Forbes:

“All relationships need trust. Up, down, and sideways; internal and external; personal and professional. Everyone wants to feel heard and feel important…First and foremost, you want to develop trusting relationships that are built on honesty, integrity, and openness.”

She then gives 6 tips for building trust with your colleagues:

  1. Be Candid And Authentic. Always be open and honest about your motives.

  2. Open Yourself Up To Input. Listen and ask for feedback.

  3. Put Yourself In Their Shoes. Try to understand what’s motivating the other person. What do they need?

  4. Give As Much As You Get. A relationship is built on the value of both parties. This can’t be a one-way street. It shouldn’t just be about you.

  5. Don’t Vent To Others. Instead, communicate directly with the individual involved.

  6. Steer Clear Of Making Assumptions. Seek clarification and understanding about someone’s motivation for their behavior.

These tips require a fair amount of open and honest communication with your team, but how do you clock in that kind of interaction when you or your colleague work remotely? Coming to work in Sococo allows you to work side-by-side with your distributed team, so you can have the kind of spontaneous discussions and face-to-face catch-ups that enable you to build trusting relationships.

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