#1 Use Sococo to Cut Down on Email

Look for people in your virtual office before sending yet another email. Send a private chat if you don’t need an immediate response, or try knocking on the other person’s door to see if they’re available for a voice conversation.

Stuck in a long email thread? Suggest people work it out in a voice conversation in Sococo.

#2 Stay Signed In

Reduce unwanted interruptions—by staying signed in! If you’re signed in throughout the day, your colleagues will have a better idea of what you’re up to. If you’re having a voice conversation or are in a meeting, your team will see it on the map. But if you need heads-down time, you can turn off your headset, turn on your busy indicator, or close your door to let others know this isn’t a good time to talk.

#3 “Get” People into Your Meeting

Have some stragglers? You can send them a “Get” by selecting their name in the People list and then clicking the Get button. You can even select everyone in your team (use the Shift and Control keys to select the people you need) and click the Get button to gather a lot of people at one time.

#4 Use Doors

Need a bit of privacy for your conversation or meeting? Close the door. Closing the door requires the other people in your space to Knock (and ask permission) before entering the room. Note that you can also knock on an open door before jumping into the room. (Just like the real world, different teams have different etiquette when it comes to this.)

#5 Use Private Chat for Backchannel Conversations

Ever have a meeting where you wish you could send another participant a private note? With Sococo you can. If you need information from another participant or just want to send a polite reminder to someone without notifying everyone in the room, use private chat. Double-click a person’s avatar to open up a private chat window. Messages sent via private chat aren’t seen by anyone else in your space (and no one will even know you’re communicating).

#6 Integrate Slack

Slack is integrated with Sococo to enhance your chat experience with file sharing, channels, private chat, and all the other benefits that Slack has to offer.

#7 Invite People Outside Your Team

Use Guest Access to invite people outside your team to meetings—without requiring any signups or downloads. Your guests can talk, view screen shares, see who’s in the room, and use room chat—all from their favorite browser. Just right click on any room, select “Get a share link” and send it to your colleagues. If they’re using Chrome, they will instantly be added to your meeting.

#8 Use the Home Button to Gracefully Exit Meetings

Everyone knows when you’re done with a phone call, you hang up. In Sococo, you can click the Home button when your meeting or conversation is over to quickly move to your Home Room.

#9 Create Project Rooms

Co-locate in a project room all day for easy collaboration with other team members throughout the day. To create a project room, simply rename a conference room after your project’s name. You and your team can hang out there throughout the day, using room chat, screen sharing, and push-to-talk for voice whenever you need it.

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