Want to hire the best person for the job without requiring them to relocate?

Bringing your team to work in Sococo enables you to hire talent from anywhere in the world and work side-by-side with them in Sococo. Check out this profile from Amanda Schneider of Office Insights about how Sococo can help your team attract and retain the perfect candidate for every job:

In response to the need for community and connection, companies are looking for opportunities to provide a space that empowers their remote workforce. Bridging the gap between co-located and remote work, one example of this is Sococo, a company that offers an online workplace for distributed teams. Working in Sococo provides remote workers with a sense of proximity to their team in an online space that recreates the physical workplace. Employees virtually enter the office at the start of their workday and have a full bird’s-eye view of individual offices and collaboration spaces on their Sococo Map. With full video, audio, and screen share capabilities in each room, employees can work face-to-face in any area of their Sococo office, allowing them to build human connections with their teammates and get work done effectively, just like they would in a physical office. Each employee is represented by a customizable avatar that gives visual cues of availability and presence. Employees easily hold meetings, chat around the virtual water cooler, and get quick answers to questions in real-time. Working in Sococo provides the collaboration and workflow of a physical workplace with the social awareness people crave, even if employees are distributed across countries and continents.


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