Do you miss your physical classroom? Are your teachers and students getting confused with all the video links being passed around? You’re not alone.

Sococo for Classrooms brings back your physical classroom while dramatically simplifying the remote school experience for both teachers and students. Like your physical classrooms today – teachers simply go to their virtual classroom – and students simply come to the room. The video link is automatically handed to the students – as simple as that.

Sococo for Classrooms works with Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Hangouts and Microsoft Teams and has a variety of classroom setups to fit your school’s needs. Sococo can even customize your classroom to match your exact physical classroom today! 

Sococo for Classrooms sample classroom layouts

Sococo for Classrooms includes all the core features of Sococo, but customized for a classroom layout and to enable the professor/student relationship.

Simplify remote school

Enjoy no longer having to pass video links around via email, etc

Recreate the physical school experience

Visually see kids moving from class to class, auditorium, teacher coaching, etc

Integrates with Zoom, Google, Cisco and Microsoft

Builds on using what’s been invested in already – but dramatically simplifying the experience for teachers and students

Ready to add back some of what’s lost when we’re not all in the same learning space? Natural social interactions between teachers and students can be calming and help kids get ready to learn. Some students thrive on routine. Heading to their online classroom everyday is easier and faster than hunting for the correct video conference link in an inbox. In Sococo, classmates have avatars, and sit side by side as they would in real life. Online, the experience of attending class is gamified and more engaging in Sococo; the barriers to learning created by physical distance begin to vanish. Time to stop chatting with your best friend. The teacher’s talking and class is in session! 

“Educating in Sococo feels more like traditional schooling than video conference options. Our teachers can hold classes, work one on one with a student, and students can collaborate together.  It’s easy to use for all ages and we were up and running in a day.”

-K-12 Principal

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We look forward to helping  educators, students and everyone in between collaborate and learn seamlessly in a fun, productive and engaging virtual environment.

Posted by the Sococo Team