Customer Stories: Trust-Based Culture And A Focus On Work Flexibility  Is At The Heart Of FlexJobs Success

    In a recent study done on the future of the workplace by Dr. Marie Pyybaraud of Global Workplace Solutions, two of the primary hypotheses are
  • "The Smart Workplace 2040 will be radically different and redefined by adaptable, radical working patterns”, and

Customer Tales: Sonic Healthcare and Communication vs. Understanding

Communication does not guarantee understanding.

With the ubiquity of the internet and cell phones, now more than ever before we are constantly bombarded with a seemingly infinite array of different kinds of communication. Voice, video, chat…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…emails and texts.

Customer Tales: Sococo Makes Practical Management Easy For i.me

  Robert Maynard, CEO of trust broker i.me, is a no-nonsense kind of guy, and his management style reflects that very practical approach to his business. So when someone with such a straightforward style is so excited about a software tool that he randomly shouts out, “I LOVE this program!” during team meetings at work, you know there’s something pretty amazing going on. What is it that excites Maynard so much that he just can’t keep it to himself?

Customer Tales: Intreis Creates Culture Within Sococo as Pioneers of the Virtual Office World

You know you work for a cool company when events like Crazy Hat Day are on the calendar, and co-workers toast each other with beers and really let loose at the Friday team meetings. But you know the company you work for is truly breaking new ground when all of that fun happens virtually, and the company’s entire culture is actually being created within - and being shaped by - its virtual office space (which - not to brag or anything - just happens to be in Sococo!).

Customer Tales: No More Lonely Workers At Prime Systems In Brazil

Brazil isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘lonely.’ And yet, when Roberto Azevedo instituted a new work-from-home policy for the employees at one of his company’s offices in Brazil, that’s exactly how they felt after the novelty had worn off: lonely and out of the loop. Sure, they had regular online meetings and conference calls, but they missed that in-person interaction, that natural camaraderie that goes along with working in a physical office.

Customer Tales: B2T Training’s Open Door Policy Keeps Doors More Open

It’s a situation just about everyone has encountered at some point in their career. You need to talk with your boss, who has an “open door” policy. You decide to stop by their office to chat – but as you peek into the room, they seem pretty busy.

Customer Tales: Room 5 Invites Us Inside Their Sococo Batcave

As the sun rises over Gotham City, a small group gathers at Wayne Manor. Their mission? A debriefing. Inhabitants of this superhero lair have some important news to share with their partners in the quest for a happy workplace: They’ve begun using Sococo’s virtual office for their online business communications, and are delighted with the results!