At Sococo, our distributed team spans two offices, eight cities, and three countries, and our business model benefits greatly from being able to assemble the best talent in locations appropriate to the work.

As a result, we also fully understand the challenges of building a connected and productive team when everyone is not

That’s why our solutions strive to recreate the personal proximity and functionality of the physical office and provide an experience that is missing from today's online collaboration solutions. Sococo’s unique visual office map enables teams to ensure that the right people get the right work done, at the right moment. Whether your team members are minutes apart, cities apart, or even countries apart, Sococo brings them together, encouraging individuals to really get to know their colleagues’ skill sets and information needs, and creating a true sense of belonging in the organization.

You will find us on the forefront of the workplace evolution, collaborating with an ecosystem of customers and partners to achieve a future where remote workers and distributed teams can fully enjoy the benefits of work/life flexibility without sacrificing strong, productive team bonds.

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