St. Louis’ World Wide Technology (WWT),  once an onsite-only company, was growing by leaps and bounds. Understandably, the company’s leadership didn’t want to sacrifice the culture and work practices that had made the business great. But questions loomed that only a new way of working could answer: 


How would WWT broaden work options for its current workforce, and recruit beyond cities where the company had physical offices? What would it take to solve feedback bottlenecks? How would remote work affect client interactions? How could the company cultivate connection, a sense of belonging and maintain an environment primed for efficient collaboration?


Sococo’s impact 

Sococo’s virtual office environment solved some key issues for WWT. Read on to learn exactly how the company went about:


  • Widening and training its talent pool 
  • Improving communication and outcomes
  • Keeping employees happy 


Rich virtual offices: the time has come 

For so many reasons, today’s companies are wise to consider how to create the best possible virtual office. Sococo sets the bar: Coming to work in Sococo feels like working in an in-person office. We’ve thought carefully about how to preserve the rich and spontaneous connection that is the basis of a tight-knit company culture. At the same time, a real-feel virtual office solves for enterprise continuity and other key operational issues, like those WWT faced and many more. 

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