Online offices aren’t just for remote teams—everyone from HR firms to customer support centers to colleges are meeting up in Sococo.

Western University Faculty of Education recruiters Tom Croucher and Meghan Kines are taking their office hours online. Students can pop into their Sococo online office twice a week to ask questions about admission requirements, degree options, scholarships, and more without having to meet up on campus. Recruiters can talk face-to-face with students via Sococo’s in-room video conferencing to give personalized and responsive advice.

Here’s what Croucher had to say about connecting with students in Sococo:

“It gives us an opportunity to really be much more interactive with students and much more personalized with the advice we give, more so than email. We’re able to be much more responsive.

We’re always looking for new ways to help students throughout the [application] process. We’re in a world now where there’s so many different ways of accessing information and conveying information. We’re really just trying to find whatever way we can be responsive to student needs in a way that’s more personalized and really gets them information accurately and in a very short amount of time.”


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