The fully remote team comes to work in Sococo to connect, collaborate, and get work done as if they were in the same physical office. Check out an excerpt from their blog post on how working in Sococo has impacted the way their team works together:

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5 Ways Working in My Sococo Online Office Is Better for My Remote Team

Rachel Jay,

Staying connected in a remote work environment can take some effort for even the most outgoing employees. Remote teams dedicated to boosting performance and engagement need to evaluate how they’re working together to help facilitate connection and productivity with ease. The way you work can potentially make or break your team’s output and morale.

One way we at and our sister site, FlexJobs, keep our remote team working together is by coming to work in Sococo. Sococo is “the online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side, no matter where team members might be.”

Sococo has been instrumental in keeping our fully virtual team connected. Below are a few ways coming to work in Sococo works for us on a daily basis.



Here are five ways coming to work in my Sococo virtual office helps me work better with my remote coworkers:

1.) I can instantly see who’s “in the office.”

Sococo is laid out in almost a blueprint-like fashion, where you have a bird’s-eye view of all the office spaces in your virtual office. Each person on your team is represented by an avatar. Every morning when I log in, I can instantly see everyone else across the whole company who is also in the virtual office. I can see who on my team is already there, and who may be “busy” or “away,” depending on their status. If I want to pop into someone’s office for a quick chat, I know if they’re around. Remote coworkers don’t typically get to log in for the day and “see” who else is in the office. Working in Sococo bridges this gap and provides a sense of being in a brick-and-mortar office.

2.) I can “step away” while still being visible.

Sococo allows you to set your status, which is a helpful way to indicate your availability. By selecting “Available,” “Away,” “Busy,” or “Do Not Disturb,” my coworkers will know if I am available at that moment. I can even add details to my status, such as “At the doctor – Be back at 2 p.m. CST,” which will give my coworkers information about my whereabouts and not leave them hanging if they need to speak with me. With a quick glance at everyone’s icon, I enjoy being able to see if my remote coworkers or boss are available, or if I should wait until they’re back from lunch.


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