The Femgineer Way: Poornima Vijayashankar on Building and Managing Remote Teams, Part 1

Mandy Ross, Director of Community with Sococo sat down with Poornima Vijayashankar, the founding engineer of  Femgineer.com to talk about her path to working remotely and eventually leading an international distributed team.

Distributed Teams: How to Assess Level of Team Performance

Global talent, market expansion and cost pressures are the major drivers that lead to many organizations establishing distributed teams, where all employees are not co-located in one office. The result is that companies have employees that may be working from different offices, adopting flexible working one or two days a week or even working remotely from home full-time.

Global Talent:


5 Reasons Your Business Should Jump on the Transparency Bandwagon

“Honesty is the best policy.” It’s an old saying; we’ve all heard it. With the recent spate of articles about adopting transparency practices into your business, it’s starting to look like a profitable policy, too. The benefits of transparency, however, go far beyond simply getting attention online.

Why Fun Is Essential to Employee Engagement

Your average preschool age child laughs or smiles up to 400 times per day. The average 35-year old adult only smiles around 15 times per day. Think about it. When was the last time you really cut loose and laughed so hard your belly hurt or tears ran down your face? (More on that here.) Depressing, right? So where did all the fun go?

Word of Mouth Marketing Is the New Advertising

“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." For today’s brands, Oscar Wilde’s words ring truer than ever. WOM stands for ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing, one of the most valuable growing marketing trends in today’s uber connected world. WOM is exactly what it sounds like. It’s people communicating the old fashioned way about positive experiences they’ve had with products, brands, or companies.

Why Treating Employees Like Customers Is a Winning Move For Your Brand

If you check the front page of Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, or any major business blog on any given day—chances are, you’ll see it least one article related to customer experience. And that makes sense, right? Every business owner knows that having happy customers is what keeps the lights on and the paychecks rolling out. But for all the work you’re putting into keeping your customers happy—are you paying equal attention to maintaining happy employees?

What Makes a Truly Sensational Company?

How can I create the most successful company possible, while also making it the best company to work for? For many managers, it can seem difficult to integrate the two. Recent surveys show that as much as 51% of the workforce feels disengaged at work, and 17.5% even claim to feel “actively disengaged” at work. With this data in mind, many managers are left grasping at straws to satisfy a largely dissatisfied workforce.

Sococo Product Vision Roadmap Q1'16 - Overcoming the Challenge of Distance

In my last post, we reviewed a set of market trends and their impacts on individuals, teams, and organizations. At the confluence of these trends we find the fundamental challenge of Distance. This isn’t simply geographic distance, but distance across multiple dimensions resulting in significant consequences from a productivity, engagement, and cost perspective.

10-Step Path to Agile and Lean High-Performance Teams (Infographic)