For some, “going to work” means a long ride to an office building. For others, it’s just a walk down the hall to a home office. For a growing number of workers, “going to work” means plugging in headphones and flipping open a laptop at the local coffee house. These offices, homes, or coffee shops are likely not in the same city or country as many of the people they work with each day.


Whatever your office and your team look like, there is no denying that the “where” and “how” of the workplace is rapidly changing.


Traditional objectives of teams and organizations—innovation, trust, cooperation, clarity, commitment, and job satisfaction—are more difficult to achieve when teams are distributed across cubicles, floors, cities, and continents. So how does an organization enjoy the benefits of this diverse, distributed workforce while also maximizing collaboration and achieving organizational goals?


That’s where Sococo comes in.

1. Work with your distributed team sitting right next to you

Whether your teammates are in a different time zone or merely the next office over, you can work together at a virtual table within your Sococo Office just like you would if you were co-located. Dedicate a room or open area to your team and work side-by-side from anywhere in the world. Need to ask a quick question? Just toggle on your mic to start a conversation with those in the room. To bring another teammate in for a discussion, simply find their avatar and “Get” them to ask them to join you. Make decisions in the moment and get work done efficiently in your Sococo space.


2. Bring your entire team together at a moment’s notice—without a single plane ticket

Need to have an on-site with your team, but finding the cost and hassle of coordinating travel plans hard to justify? Instead of paying thousands of dollars to fly everyone in from Chicago, Vancouver, London, and Mumbai, gather around the online conference table in Sococo. You can bring everyone together for a kickoff meeting, then move between different rooms in your Sococo Workspace to conduct break-out sessions faster and easier than you would moving around a physical office or hotel conference center. Plus, you’ll reduce travel time and expenses to zero.


3. See a drone’s-eye view of your entire organization

Even when your team is co-located, it can be hard to get a sense of what is happening in real time—who’s at their desk, who’s in a meeting, and who’s heads-down on an urgent project. With Sococo, you can see your colleagues’ avatars on the Sococo Map and watch and listen as they “pop” around the map getting work done. Your team can also label breakout and conference rooms to give everyone at-a-glance insight into what’s being discussed in each meeting. As you “walk the halls” of your distributed team’s Sococo Office, you’ll get a comprehensive, real-time perspective on what’s going on within your team or organization.

One Sococo user summed it up nicely:
“I love the real-time presence I get in Sococo. If I see the right group gathering to do a follow up after a [meeting], I know my team is on top of it. If not, I can chat them and make sure they are clear on the action they took away from the meeting. As a Program Manager, much of the value I get from Sococo is this non-verbal information. It is being able to see who is interacting with whom and ensuring the right conversations are happening when they need to. The rest of the team gets this as well.”


Sococo Christmas Party 2017

4. Build meaningful relationships

In your Sococo Office, all team members feel connected to each other and the organization, including those working from home or remotely. Anyone can hang around the coffee machine, bump into a colleague in the hall, and attend team lunches (bring your own sandwich!). By coming to work in Sococo, your team grows closer as they see and speak to each other in real time each day. This relationship-building quickly creates alignment, builds trust, and increases employee engagement and satisfaction.


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