Sometimes, things happen. Plans to get your team together for an on-site can be foiled by canceled flights, traffic, and reservation mix-ups.


We’ve experienced this ourselves at Sococo. In January 2017, in the midst of winter storms that slammed the Pacific Northwest, our dev team had an on-site meeting planned in Eugene, Oregon. Despite flight delays and hazardous road conditions, the meeting was held as scheduled in Sococo.


Here’s what our ScrumMaster Alicia had to say:


“At first I felt like I was faced with the inevitability of rescheduling, but then I remembered that in Sococo, no matter where we are – unexpectedly or not  – we can pretty much always connect as a team. I felt a huge sense of relief as our Sococo conference room filled up with the development team and the product owner, who joined us via the Sococo mobile app as he drove to the Eugene office from the airport.”


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