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Talking with Coworkers: Past, Presence, and Future

Once upon a time, coworkers actually communicated by talking in real-time. In fact, coworkers often talked in person—and that wasn’t hard to do, because it usually just took a short walk down the hall. The result was not only high-fidelity, productive communications, but also heightened employee engagement through human-to-human interaction. Then came distributed teams, increased […]

Blurring the Boundaries Between Online and Physical Presence

March 6, 2012 Today at CeBIT in Hannover Germany, Sococo President, Chris Wheeler, and CTO, Paul Brody, joined executives of Plantronics to demonstrate the integration of Plantronics’ Smart Sensor technology with Sococo Team Space. When released, this will allow Team Space users wearing a Plantronics Voyager PRO UC wireless headset to update their online present […]

Coworking: The Pivot in Today's Transformation of Work?

Read the original article. December 2, 2011 By: Stowe Boyd Stowe Boyd writes a great article on the hard and soft benefits of telework, as well as a few drawbacks. But not to worry, workarounds are included! This is a great read for anyone who works (or wants to work) on a distributed team. Even […]

Why Are Web Workers Happier?

Check the original article. By: Jessica Stillman July 18, 2011 Jessica Stillman writes a great but simple article about why Teleworkers tend to be happier and have greater job satisfaction. Maybe you ought to consider Teleworking if you don’t already.

Making Presence More Useful

Read the full article. By: Eric Krapf May 16, 2011 Mr. Krapf creates an excellent treatise on the need for greater and more robust ‘presence’ awareness (The Red, Yellow, Green dot system that IM uses). Sococo Team Space utilizes presence as a core feature of our software, letting you know who’s communicating with whom, who’s […]

How to Manage What You Can't See

As part of this post, I’m going to show you a puppy: a cute, adorable puppy. The benefits to teleworking and distributed teams are no secret. Seemingly every week a new report comes out espousing the positive impacts that telework has on business from increased worker efficiency, to costs saved on real estate, to tonnes […]

Working Together: How My Virtual Team Collaborates

Read the full article. By: Aliza Sherman February 17, 2011 To be clear, this is her virtual team, not ours. That said, we share a lot of the same basic habits when it comes to time management and communication patterns, albeit with different implementations (we obviously prefer Team Space to Second Life, and we use […]