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Coming Together from Near and Far: Rise of the Hybrid Workplace

What will the “new normal” look like for workplaces? Will employees everywhere soon return to working in offices and shared spaces full-time? Or will remote work and WFH continue to rule in a post-pandemic world? In all likelihood, the prevailing norm will be a hybrid combination of the two, where flexibility is the guiding principle. […]

6 Fascinating Innovations for the New World of Work

Over the course of this year, there’s been a lot of ink spilled over what will happen when we get back to “normal.” Or how we should be dealing with the current “new normal.” But shouldn’t we debate what’s truly “normal” in the first place? And when it comes to the way we work, the […]

Planning a Work Holiday Party, Remotely

Like everything in 2020, the annual office holiday party has to be reconsidered and reevaluated. After all, while anyone can play the Prince song, none of us can party exactly like it’s 1999 in the year of Coronavirus. Still, it is important (maybe more important) to get together with employees and their families, strengthening relationships […]

How to Retain (and Compensate) Top Talent as Remote Work Takes Hold

No matter what circumstances surround us in the world, one of the secrets to a company’s success always lies in both attracting and keeping talent that differentiates the business. Nurturing your relationships with employees, supporting their career paths, and investing in their futures within the organization should always be primary concerns. But in an environment […]

10 Zoom Integrations to Boost Remote Communications

Remote work tools like Zoom have been having a banner year with the sudden onset of widespread remote work. The ability to connect with colleagues and clients individually and as a group, via real-time video, has created much-needed connection and collaboration in these isolating times. But as many of us have discovered, simply staring at […]

Long Distance Learning Can Actually Work. Here's How

As coronavirus continues to dominate headlines and dictate the trajectory of our day-to-day lives, remote communication has emerged as the solution to keeping people safe and socially distant. But it’s not only white-collar workers telecommuting from home. As we trudge ahead into the end of the year, school is back in session for kids of […]

Six Examples of Highly Successful Remote Companies

Looking back in history, future generations of workers will come to know 2020 as the time of the World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment — one that changed the way we work forever. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the exodus out of offices in the wake of COVID-19 is unprecedented. Telework was […]

How to Stay Engaged IRL When Your Office is WFH

Whether the office is virtual or a brick-and-mortar IRL setting — the work family that plays together, stays together. For years, we’ve seen tectonic shifts with a rapidly evolving workplace, cutting commutes down to our home offices and kitchen tables. Employees working from home enjoy more time with their families (and pets), greater flexibility, and […]