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CEOs Share the Most Critical Aspects of a Sturdy Company Culture

“Culture” has always been an ambiguous but undeniably critical focus for business leaders. A strong company culture cannot be forced or manufactured; it must be built organically through genuine intentions and collective employee buy-in. For managers, it’s been difficult enough to nail down a sturdy culture in scenarios where everyone is in the office each […]

Announcing Sococo Amazon Chime Integration And Media Usage Expansion

Today we are excited to announce Sococo’s new integration with Amazon. Our next software release will replace existing media infrastructure with enterprise communications solution Amazon Chime. With the majority of our user feedback focused on audio, video, screen share quality and reliability, improving the Sococo media experience has been our top focus. Chime runs on […]

How to Get a Promotion While Working from Home

With the world being a hit by global pandemic, many things have simply come to a halt. Business plans are paused, vacations are delayed, pro sports are in limbo. If you’re like me, even the gas gauge on your car has been mostly stuck in place, without the customary daily commute to the office. One […]

Announcing Sococo For Classrooms: Recreate Your Physical Classroom In The Cloud 

Do you miss your physical classroom? Are your teachers and students getting confused with all the video links being passed around? You’re not alone. Sococo for Classrooms brings back your physical classroom while dramatically simplifying the remote school experience for both teachers and students. Like your physical classrooms today – teachers simply go to their […]

Follow This Expert Guidance to Set Up the Ideal WFH Workspace

For many professionals being thrust into a jarring and unfamiliar work environment, the acronym “WFH” tends to bring with it a similar one: WTH (What The Hell?!). This is unfamiliar territory for a whole lot of people. If that’s you, the good news is that remote work has been a rising trend for some time, […]

Why Distributed Teams Are Undeniably Here to Stay

If you’re tired of hearing brands talk about “the new normal” and “these uncertain times,” we get it. Phrases like these have been overused to the point of becoming hackneyed. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t accurate. There’s little uncertainty around one of the most fundamental impacts this global health crisis will have on the […]

Remote Work Productivity Trends of 2020

Long before it became the pervasive norm, remote work was a proliferating trend. For those who now find themselves navigating unfamiliar ground in the World of WFH, this far less of a challenge than in the past. Teams have been experimenting with and refining the art of distributed coworking for years, with a number of […]

Remote Workers Are Disengaged. Let's Fix It.

Employee engagement was an issue long before our world and work were disrupted entirely. Is it likely to improve on its own as teams widely transition into unfamiliar distributed settings? According to data trends and intuitive logic… not remotely. Consider that in 2017, Gallup conducted a study and found that 85% of workers were “not […]