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It’s the sign I wish I’d seen before I agreed to produce the WebRTC prototype you’ll find at the bottom of this post.  If there’s one thing I learned from the exercise, it’s that WebRTC signaling is difficult.  Really disturbingly complex.  And despite their best efforts most of the reference materials made ... Read more


On Monday, 4/7/2014, the OpenSSL project released an update to address the security vulnerability widely known as “Heartbleed” (CVE-2014-0160). This vulnerability has to do with the TLS heartbeat extension (RFC6520) and could allow secret key or private information leakage in TLS encrypted communications. Some good resources for more information on this issue are SANS’ ... Read more

Implemented bug fixes for the following:

  • Issue that caused guests to be displayed as pending or normal users in certain conditions
  • Crash related to camera usage by other apps on Windows
  • Camera selection issue that prevented certain cameras on Windows
  • Camera detection on Mac OS 10.9
  • Thumbnails in dock freezing up on Windows
 ... Read more

If you’re the type of person that’s been looking to get Sococo more integrated into your team’s workflow, our next few releases should have some gems that will help you get moving in the right direction.

We’re planning on opening up our chat platform and expanding its capabilities dramatically to improve ... Read more

Running Sococo on dedicated hardware in a conference room lets you extend your physical room into the cloud and integrate it with your virtual office.

Because these rooms provide so many advantages for teams that are part co-located and part distributed, we thought we’d review some best practices to help you get started.

Why ... Read more

Preferences changes (Mac and Win)

  • General: Changed “Explore Sococo” to “New User Checklist”
  • Chat Logs: Changed “Chat Logs” to “Chats”
  • Changed “Events” to “Alerts”
  • Added “Notify me when others enter/exit my room” (default on)
  • Added Activity section
  • Added “Show me as idle when I’m inactive for 15 minutes”
  • Added “Show me as Sleeping when ... Read more

A couple months ago our Director of Project Development called me and said he had something to show me. This is not unusual since Tom is always on the lookout for new software and platforms that can help make us better at what we do. He told me what he found would be perfect ... Read more

Lextech develops custom mobile applications that reinvent business processes for Sales, Operations and IT Teams.

The Lextech team is passionate about customers, products and their company culture. Headquartered in Lisle, IL, Lextech has made a point of hiring the best people they can get regardless of where they live. Half their team works out of ... Read more

In his video re-imagining work, Dave Coplin makes some fascinating points about the evolution of the workplace. Work is no longer a destination. Once upon a time when our economy was more manufacturing based you had to go to the factory to work. But for today’s knowledge worker the vast majority of the resources ... Read more

Customers are finding new ways to get the most out of Sococo. For companies building SaaS offerings one emerging pattern is to use Sococo to improve the handling of Incidence Response.

Most SaaS companies have mature (or maturing) processes around monitoring of their networks, applications and services. In one form or another, SaaS ... Read more