Success With Distributed Agile Ceremonies in Sococo - Free eBook!

One of the things I have really come to appreciate about Scrum and Agile, especially after choosing the remote work lifestyle, is the pattern of the ceremonies and the rhythm they set for  teams. These kinds of regular touch points with distinct purpose are important to keep any team engaged, but extra super important for distributed teams. It creates a sense of belonging, and makes the team members feel like they are part of the tribe.


It’s Official: Forrester Report Confirms that Distributed Agile is a Thing

Agile practitioners who are paying attention have known for quite some time that it’s becoming more and more rare to have a completely, 100% physically co-located team. Those of us who have embraced distributed Agile with open arms have been laughed at, snubbed, and looked at with suspicion by dogmatic Agile purists, who insist that face to face conversations can only happen in the same physical location. It’s time for that misconception to change for good.


The Art of Continuous Improvement: On Giving and Receiving Positive Feedback

Continuous improvement requires Agile teams to not only identify and resolve problems, but also discern practices that are working well. It’s not enough to know what you want to change; you need to know what your strengths are so you can build on them.


Icebreakers for Distributed Agile Teams

Getting to know new coworkers is relatively easy when you work together in a physical office space. When you spot a new person at the water cooler, you’ll eventually say hello, chat about weekend plans, and become better team members and collaborators as a result. But if you’re working from a home office, it’s easy to keep your head down, get your work done, and fly under the radar without anyone ever noticing you—and that’s not a good thing.


Remove the Webinar Gag Rule for Online Events—And Embrace Humanity

While Sococo is indisputably the best place for an online agile team to work together (Okay, sure, I’m a little biased!), we’re starting to explore the huge amount of value the platform can add to online learning events and gatherings. One of my favorite parts of my job here at Sococo as Director of Community is all the innovative, fun, and audacious sessions I get to host with our customers, partners, and like-minded distributed agilists. These events are held in our super cool Sococo Innovation Lab, the hub of our Distributed Agile Mastery Community program.